: Jude & Ciaran say "Thanks"

Home made cards printed on uber nice
260gsm SOHO cards for newlyweds Jude and Ciaran.

: Judes wed-ding-dong card

personal wedding card for happy couple jude and ciaran, pink and white ribbon and stitching detail. bit of a dark photo but I liked the shadows kinda makes it look like a huge scary card. rarrr *attempted scary noise* it's really only 135mm x135 mm.

: 100s and 1000s of reasons to like..

Image was taken from a previous project based on a celebration of works of the poet Roger Mc Geogh. The word cake was created using 100s and 1000s and set on the outline of Modern No.20 typeface.

: Identity Idea for Dublin Olympics brief

: Phot-sies

yes please!

vintage rally.

tunisia oldies.

aww Portugal.

letters you can eat yummy yum.


one of many kitty kat pictures.

taken at a recent Declan O'Rourke gig in The Spirit Store.

tiny footprints in the snow.

: Personal Things

personal cards.

designs for local wedding magazine.

personal adios amigo card for a friend's Edinburgh departure. die cut and ribbon details.

: Some Bits and Bobs

when 'Philip met Isabella' article.

just some doodles.

Limited edition collectables on 40 years of the work of poet Roger mc Gough. Pieces include a handcut typographic interpretation on a doliy as the main inspiration came from his poem 'Cake'.

my very pretty friend pat made this picture what it is a 'friendy portrait' was the brief and I couldn't have chosen a better subject it also won me a very nice canon Digital IXUS 860 IS (not to brag or anything).

branding of digital media project based on an exhibition on language of disability and political correctness.

2 of 6 images based on the book the Alchemist.

2 of 6 images of The boy who cried wolf which was an illustration project where we had to take a famous story and illustrate it for a teenage audience.

identity and packaging design for the IDEA brief 2008, to create a reusable and sustainable ice cream packaging. The packaging reflects the quality of the product and is designed to convey the sense of travel and discovery. Each flavour has a unique stamp style design element that would catch the customers attention.

identity for an organic fast food company. Vegetarian of course.

'Keeping Time' catalogue based on a family tradition of watch collecting.

: Me Myself and I - Business cards

based on 'it's just me' concept with a spot varnish on the 'i design'